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  • Belly Fat has Health Risk!

    • Heart disease
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • High blood pressure
    • Abnormal cholesterol
    • Breathing problems

    Seasonal Fruits & Vegetable List w/ Health Benefits

    Purchase in Season and Save Money!

    Enjoy Your Favorite Foods and Lose Belly Fat!

    Eat Out and Lose Belly Fat!

    The best way to lose and maintain weight loss is to incorporate foods with nutritional benefits into your current eating habits.

    GOOD TUMMY JUICE is packed with essential nutrients. Each Blend is made especially for you.


    Good Tummy Juice!

    Personalized Blended Juices

    • Easy to Drink
    • No need to change eating habits
    • Boost Immune System
    • Promotes belly fat weight loss
    • Each Blend is created based on clients eating habits and needs

    How Programs Work!

    Free Nutrition Evaluation

    • Set a phone appointment
    • I Hate Belly Fat! Represenative will call you
    • Answer a few questions pertaining to your current eating habits.
    • A personalized program will be recommended.
    • Special Programs are created based on Unique Needs.

    Wellness Programs

    • Personalized Belly Fat Weight Loss Book
    • Eating Out Coach
    • One on One Nutrition Counseling
    • Cooking Classes
    • Athletic Programs
    • Special Programs Created  Based on Unique Needs